Personal Hygiene at Home

Complete personal hygiene in your home and kitchen is crucial, because it is the only way to prevent the spread of germs. If you are cooking in your home or even at a neighbor’s home, you need to make a rule; wash hands frequently, and wear gloves for proper protection. If you have any open wounds then don’t forget to cover them. If you are sick right now, you should not cook anything because you might pass illnesses to others, including your family. Always try to tie your hair back. Always follow the procedure of tasting with clean utensils. Let’s elaborate these personal hygiene issues in the home, so that you can protect yourself and those you love.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is an imperative part of good personal hygiene, particularly in the kitchen. Microbes, which can bring about germs or cause illness, are often prowling on the hands. On the off chance that these germs interact with the food, they can make you or your family members sick. It is additionally critical to wash the hands to abstain from spreading any of the microorganisms that can bring about foodborne disease, starting with one kind of food then on to the next.  Here are some great rules for washing hands:


For instance, if a man touches raw vegetables while cooking, then touches chicken, the bacteria from the vegetable could debase or pollute the chicken. To wash the hands in an appropriate manner, warm water and soap are needed. The soap or cleanser should be rubbed strongly on fingers and all remaining parts of the hands. Hands should be dried after the wash. When entering the kitchen and when getting out, you should make this rule of hand wash.  And one of the most important components to washing your hands is to wash for at least 30 seconds!  So many people just do a very quick rinse, which will not kill germs and bacteria.


Wearing rubber or plastic gloves is also a good way to ensure better personal hygiene in the kitchen. Indeed, many dining places even mandate that workers or employees should wear gloves when cooking or preparing food. Keep in mind that gloves are designed to be disposed, so wear new gloves always, and never share gloves with anyone.

Don’t Cook When Sick

personal-hygieneIf you are sick, you should avoid cooking food. As per some researches, simply breathing on food could possibly contaminate the food as infectious bacteria can spread very swiftly. Also, cooking a tough task, and a sick person should take proper rest instead of doing anything that leads to lethargy.  So if you have a family member that is stubborn and wants to be in the kitchen even though they are sick, put your foot down and tell them to go to bed where they belong!


Nobody like to see hair in their food when dining anywhere, especially at home!  Tying your hair is crucial when cooking and it is the most essential requirement in my hotels. Nobody likes a cook with open hair. If you have short hair, wear a cap.

In Summary

Your goal, apart from making tasty and delicious food in the kitchen, should be to maintain best possible personal hygiene as well as to prevent bacteria from entering the food.  This is the best way to keep you and your family healthy and free from common colds and illness.  It is a little extra time and work, but more than worth the extra effort!

Here are some ideas for routine home maintenance.

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