Acetone for Home Use

home-cleaningAcetone, also known as propanone, is an organic compound which can also be used for cleaning. It is a solvent which can easily dissolve the organic things such as glue, paint, and grease. These features clearly state that it can be used as a cleaning agent for home use. Organic substances usually fetch in glass, metal, and other material which can be removed through acetone. Why should you prefer acetone? Due to its benefits such as its low toxicity, inexpensiveness, and effectiveness. Of course, it comes with a few side effects because it is a chemical but those side effects can be easily avoided. Touching, consuming, and inhaling acetone is not suggested, so protective gears must be considered. Also, it is highly flammable, so a lot of care is required when using.  So you can certainly use at home, you just have to be very careful and should only be handled by adults who are experienced.

Mechanical Devices

Acetone is commonly used to de-gum or de-grease mechanical devices because it is a solvent, It can easily remove grease, oil, glue, wand wax from items that are made of metal or glass. Some coin collectors also consider acetone as the best cleaners as they use it to remove grime and dirt.  We have hired a company several times for carpet cleaning Palm Coast and they used a number of cleaners in our home, and although they did not use acetone, they did mention the benefits of acetone as a home cleaner but that it must be handled properly!

Acetone Solution

It is not troublesome to apply it directly.  However, people usually keep pre-made solution of acetone with a blend. For instance, fingernail polish remover is a common acetone solution used to remove the fingernail polish from the fingernails. Many household cleaners, detergent,  stain and paint removers contain acetone too. So the next time you purchase a household clear, read the manual to know whether it has acetone or not.

Why to Use Acetone

kitchen-cleaningThere are many advantages of using acetone for cleaning purposes. The best and most practical advantage is its affordability; it is fairly inexpensive if you compare it with other cleaners. Apart from this, if used wisely, it will not bring in any health complications. It dries out quickly, which means you don’t need to worry about the wetness. Acetone is water soluble so the environmental risk is minimal.  It is the best solvent to remove stain.

Uses of Acetone

Acetone is very common for removing nail polish, however, this solvent can be used to remove stains as well.  According to a research acetone is not harmful at all, but still you should prefer wear protective gear.  Don’t use acetone on wood, fabric, or anything that has a potential to dissolve. Furthermore, it is flammable, so don’t use it near a flame. Proper ventilation and protective gears are likewise necessary.       These are some important safety precautions to keep in mind, but do not get overwhelmed as it really is an excellent home cleaner to be used in many applications at home.

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